Thermal utilization of waste

“Waste-to-energy“ is EVN’s concept for an environmentally friendly waste disposal. The sensible use of waste as alternative energy source protecting our resources is the method of the future. With the two thermal waste utilization plants in Moscow – MSZ 3 that is already in operation and MPZ 1 that is yet to be constructed – EVN is realising a unique concept: the combination of environmentally sound treatment of waste with the utilization of the energy contained in waste for electricity and district heat generation.

EVN develops customised concepts, perfectly suited for the respective location, and implements them for the customer in an optimal manner. The aim is the ecologically optimal treatment of waste combined with energy generation and environmentally friendly transport logistics in accordance with the latest state of the art.

EVN is currently thermally treating almost one million tons of waste a year in Austria and Moscow following ecological principles. This prevents the landfilling of waste, keeps drinking water clean and improves the air quality. With a combined heat and power generation system connected to the district heat network, waste is turned into electricity and district heat for many thousands of households.